Term and Condition

  1. General Working Agreement

Definitions: “Company” refers to BREN’TERIOR PTE LTD. “Client” refers to the commissioning individual, party or company named above, its representatives, successors, assigns, agents, affiliates. This document is a quotation to provide services and other items necessary to Client for the proposed used stated in the “Project Description”

  1. Validity

30 days from date of quotation

  1. Terms of Payment

On acceptance of the design service

50% of the total sum shall be paid to the Designer as down payment upon confirmation of job. 50% of the total sum shall be paid to the Company uponsatisfactory

completion of all works stated as per agreement

  1. Additional Expenses

The quotation does not include any additional charges or expenses incurred

  1. The company reserves the right to withhold delivery or suspend all works without giving prior notice in the events of payment default.
  2. The company shall retain ownership and property rights on all the articles delivered or installed in this contract until

all payment has been settled in full.

  1. Any additional items requested not reflected in this contract shall be considered as Variation Order.
  2. The company will not be liable for any delays due to any additional and alteration of confirmed article.
  3. Delays or defects in any one or more of the installation shall be considered as segregated default without giving

the buyer the rights to cancel the whole contract.

  1. All natural products such as marble, granite, stones, veneer, solid wood etc are natural resources by itself and if any watermarks,

spots, tone irregularities etc are considered deemed fit for usage unless specified.

  1. Cancelling/ Terminating our services and refunds

a Cancellation of the project must be made in writing to Bren’terior at brendon@brenkodesign.com

b Deposit paid shall be forfeited on cancellation of order contract and a cancellation charge of

30% based on the total contract price will be imposed

c Ownership of all copyrights to Design shall be retained by Designer.

  1. Copyrights

Bren’terior has right to reserve all copyright such as trade marks that have provided to the Client/website, including design, drawings, graphics and other files