The Best Renovation Package in Singapore

Bren’terior is the future of interior designing in Singapore. We are at the forefront of buildings and landscapes with the most up to date credentials in the industry. We are licensed with Building and Construction Authority of Singapore and are active members of The BCA Green Mark Scheme that is the eco- friendly construction plan for the entire infrastructure of Singapore to follow.

We also have the membership of Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association as well as the license from Housing & Development Board of Singapore. We have gained all of these affiliations through years of hard work and serious dedication to our craft. Our designs are top of the line and we deliver the most innovative and efficient projects to the beautiful city of Singapore.

Singapore is a diverse and incredibly competitive market where excellence is taking new shapes and breaking through the best design competition in the world. This is why we have gathered the best minds of interior design from across the globe to review our plans and make sure that we deliver the best projects around.
Our Renovation Packages are based on the number of rooms that we have plans to decorate. Following are our package details:

Three Room Renovation Package:

We will develop the interior design of a three-room space whether it is commercial, private or corporate. We will bring in our experts who will review the space and bring out an overall design that will complement all three rooms. The package rate starts from $22688 only. For further information and discussion, please do not hesitate to call our number 66357378.

Four Room Renovation Package:

Here we take up four room projects for any and all purposes and review your vision for space. We will then come up with an excellent interior design that will make you proud of your idea. The package starts from $25788. For further information, please call 66357378.

Five Room Renovation Package:

These spaces are a considerable square foot of area and we have the package that includes the comprehensive development of style, theme, and outline that will bring the intention for the room along with your ideology. The package will be $27988. Kindly contact us at 66357378 for further details.

We are here to serve you with the best quality, design, and innovation in entire Singapore. Our portfolio speaks for itself. Call us now for a transcendental project