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Interior Design Consultation

The initial planning is always the most important step of the renovation project. Brenterior is always ready to offer useful tips and advices to our clients even before the confirmation of any projects.From identifying clients’ personalities, to understanding clients’ expectations and requirements, to the drawing board, our team of experienced interior designers will be with you along every step of the way.

Home Space Planning

Due to the constraints of space in Singapore, every inch of renovation space is of utmost importance. Brenterior has always been able to maximize the use of space through out of the box imagination and conceptualization.At Brenterior, we always believe in harmonizing this aspect of creativity with proper and logical planning and execution to achieve the best outcome of space planning.

Renovation and Construction Services

Since 2010, Brenterior has accumulated a mass amount of experience through numerous commercial projects. Over the years, we have forged a perfect co-ordination with our experienced contractors and employees. Having attained the bizSAFE level 3 accreditation, Brenterior strongly believes in striking a balance between achieving a safe working environment and meeting tight datelines.Brenterior is capable of handling electrical /partition /flooring /demolition /Lighting /painting /M&E services etc.

Custom Made Furniture

Brenterior’s in-house furniture manufacturers and carpentry masters have a combined experience of over 60 years. We offer sofa upholstery services, fabric selection, customization of new and build-to-order sofa and furnitures.

Brenterior believes in combining traditional sofa and furniture building techniques with modern designs. These furnitures are often used in our design and renovation projects resulting in further costs savings for our clients.Brenterior is honored to be involved in Milan Furniture Fair 2013.

Renovation Project Management

Brenterior’s interior designers always have the ability to foresee any problems that would arise on the renovation site and implement immediate changes to overcome these problems.

The perfect co-ordination among different departments has always been key to overcoming the obstacles faced during renovation process.Brenterior has always been able to meet the delivery date given within a reasonable timeframe and we always make it a promise to deliver on time.

Site Management

Being a BCA registered renovation contractor, Brenterior has the capabilities to conduct and monitor the day-to-day on site running of a renovation and construction project.

Brenterior believes in our capabilities in providing the most competitive prices in the market for our clients without compromising on the quality of work. We will always use the most efficient way to achieve the desired renovation outcome thereby passing on any costs savings to our clients.We always strive to keep within the timescale and budget of a renovation project


Bren’terior has given the best Interior Design in Singapore has seen with its sophisticated techniques and always innovative perspective. We have developed our team by collaborating the most experienced and renowned names in the interior designing industry all over the world who have come together to bring you a transcendental experience in the comfort of your home and business.

Our interior designing team works from inception to the final touches diligently and brings your idea to life through creativity and panache. We are HDB approved Interior designers in Singapore. We have an incredibly high- profile portfolio that includes the challenging project that required our mindful planning and an expressive outlook on the projects. We take every project individually and ensure that the final design exceeds your expectations in an outstanding manner. Commercial interior design in Singapore has taken a new shape with our vision.

We plan with the best landscapers, architects, builders, and artists to bring together your ideology and make efficient, fluid and yet livened spaces whether our projects and personal, commercial or office interior design in Singapore. Our strength can be seen by various awards that we have gathered over the years.

We believe that every space should bring about a sense of bountiful vision merging with aesthetic elegance. We make our spaces expressive of our clients’ thoughts and beliefs and spread their passions in their comfort zones for their visitors to enjoy. Come visit us for the best Interior designs in Singapore that you will ever come across. Check out our renovation package.

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Exclusively designed

With our competent incorporation of client’s ideas into projects, the designs and style for homes remain unique and exclusive. Be assured that you can be proud of the space we have created together for you or your family.

Quality materials

Our insistence of only bringing high-quality materials to our projects brings a whole new level of professionalism to the design industry. Browse our impressive selection of such materials like maple, walnut, solid ash and oak.


You deserve better than mass-produced products. Every project is expertly crafted to precise specifications from you and our designers. This way, if you have any special requests, we are able to accommodate them in a timely manner.

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